Sunday, July 16, 2006

Running low on water?

As you may be aware we have been having water issues. We have run out of water every week since the Slade's have arrived. Generally the water needs to be pumped on Fridays when our porter is out at the mosque, so we have no water on Fridays. Then we'll have it for part of the day on Saturday...and then it will be gone. Not a drop on Sunday. Usually the water fills up on Monday. This usually happens in the morning but sometimes doesn't happen until late afternoon, so we typically go a day to two without water. It's inconvenient, especially when we get sick with Pharaoh's revenge...but, it's doable. Amazingly enough, we haven't run out of water at all this week (yet). One of our neighbours was not so lucky.

Yesterday afternoon, the watertruck pulled up. They lowered a rope from the roof and attached it to the hose; they then hefted the hose up to the top of the roof and connected it to someone's water tank and started pumping the water. The hose was kind of a make-shift hose and was spraying water all over the place. Water was running down the street and spraying our window.

We had always wondered what had happened if you really ran out of water (which we have). Our porter would always just tell us to wait because we'd get water in a few days. I guess if you pressure him enough you get a truck of water. 20 minutes and 20 JD later, our neighbours have a full tank of water. Ours, I am sure is getting rather empty...

We are not the only ones who've had water problems. Bridget, Brian and the Slades have all have similar complaints. We're just glad that this week it's not us out of water! Posted by Picasa

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Nancy said...

We did it! We went the whole week without running out of water!