Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Alabaster Circus

After visiting the Valley of Kings and Queens we headed to the Morssey Family Alabaster place. Of course, we would head to another store; Fauzi, our tour guide, took advantage of us at every twist and turn. We believe he gets a commission at every place he brings tourists to, so we visited a lot of shops...which was cool, but kind of annoying because Fauzi would insist that we buy stuff...grrrrrrr...

Anyway, this place was too funny. We get here (note the Morsay for Alabaster! slogan) and they had this storefront all set up with people working in it. Andrew, as you can tell from the video, was pretty sure that they had no idea what they were doing (I'm quite positive they don't either).

So while Andrew is slandering these hard-working individuals, their ringmaster/boss comes out and starts the show. We were so startled at first so it took a while to get the camera up and running. They began with:

Good Morning! Good Morning! How are you? Fine thank you!

And then the ringmaster gave a little speech about his shop and continued the show:

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Karen said...

That was too funny!