Thursday, July 13, 2006

Extra, Extra, read all about it: Acts of WAR

...or acts of Whiney Arab-Resenters! Crazy Israelis! Just grow up! So, 3 soldiers get kidnapped... I think that was in the fine print of their soldier contracts - you put yourself at risk, you risk getting hurt. So, they got hurt. Oops... Americans get hurt every day in Iraq. We're not blowing up Iraqis in retaliation...wait...yes we are! Even so, dozens of Lebanese casualties aren't a fair trade for 2 kidnapped soldiers, and killing the entire infrastructure of Gaza isn't a fair trade for one soldier.

So, life out here is getting pretty intense. We're still safe though. Don't worry. Jordan won't be implicated in this war thing if it escalates even more (which it probably will...). Jordan has a long standing peace treaty with Israel, plus Jordan doesn't have any paramilitary groups like Hamas, al-Aqsa, or Hizbollah that are shooting old Russian missiles into Israel.

The only threat we have here is riots. There was one yesterday on campus. Our afternoon classes were cancelled so that we wouldn't have to be on campus during the violent riot, which was probably a good idea, since the mob burned American and Israeli flags while chanting the ubiquitous "Death to [insert name here - America, Bush, Israel, Olmert, etc.]." There have been more helicopter and fighter jet patrols over Amman recently too. Other than that, we're safe.

So, don't worry. We're nowhere close to Gaza, Beirut, or Haifa. Amman is a nice, calm place. Whew!

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