Monday, July 31, 2006

Global Village

The Global Village is something that I would compare to The Del Mar Fair, or any State Fair for that matter, but I've only ever been to that particular State Fair. There were a bunch of stands, mostly from Islamic countries, such as: India, Pakistan, Iraq, Kuwait, The United Arab Emirates, Iran, Senegal, Kenya, Thailand, Yemen, Jordan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, China and Turkey. We may have missed a few in our list, and they aren't all Islamic countries...we aren't really sure why Kenya and Thailand were represented but that's okay. We're glad they were there anyway. Lebanon even had a sign, although there was nothing at their booth.

There were interesting things to buy (we just looked, mostly) at all the places. A lot of the booths sold similar things like the popular Indian-style clothing, and Pro-Palestinian things and vegetable cutters, but some of the booths were rather unique. Saudi Arabia had a nice display of daggers and diapers. Singapore sported some nice "shocking news for the Arabic's"! Shan: A steam BBQ and steam food maker--It's really a gift for fat worried people and heart patients [sic].

(If you click on the picture you might be able to see it better).

Some of the booths were really cool. Andrew and I really enjoyed Pakistan--India was not so cool, although we still liked it. We also liked Palestine, whereas Jordan was completely empty. We really liked Kenya's booth. They had a lot of really neat artwork. I saw a carved hippo that I really wanted. It was so cute (we neglected to take a picture). Andrew told the lady working the stand that we thought the hippo was cute. She said, "Her name is Willie. She is 20 JD." I didn't think that we could spend 20 JD on a carved hippo so Andrew told her that. She said, "Okay, how much will you give me for Willie?" Well, after she named that hippo, I really couldn't barter her down any further so we just left. Sad...but what would I do with a hippo anyway?

That picture is for Josie who went to India this summer. I totally wanted to go visit her but it was not possible. She had a great time acutally being there and I had a great time pretending to be there. Although India did not have any saris or kameezes that I could afford (they had very few...and those were totally fancy. In India they mostly just had peasant skirts and gaucho pants) I did buy a salwar kameeze set and some bangles in Pakistan. Next time we go to the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork, I'll be all decked out and ready to dance!

There were some places that I went that I probably won't get to go anytime soon, like Iraq. I like how Iraq chose to decorate their booth with broken walls and shut-up windows...sadly there was only art in the Iraq stand. Not that the art was was really neat. I just think it is sad that they aren't really exporting anything anymore. At least they had more than the Lebanon booth...Lebanon really isn't exporting anything. We went to go get cereal at the store but there was hardly any Poppins left in the whole store! War certainly does terrible things...

Jordan, on the other hand, had a very remarkable display of the Treasury in Petra. They were also blasting Arabic music. We thought, from the looks of their booth that the inside would be cool. We were wrong. The inside was virtually empty--they don't even have an excuse! We walked through the blasting music for nothing. Oh, well.

We got to the Global Village fairly early in the evening. This was a good thing because our tickets were only 1 JD. Things started to liven up later in the evening (as most things here do). It was pretty amazing to see how many families were out with their children that late! More and more little shops opened in each country as it got later. We wandered through each booth like 3 times and noticed more and more things each time. The second time through Saudi Arabia we noticed their pet shop.

Aside from just shopping there were rides to go on (which we opted to not!). The rides looked about as sturdy as this bunny...who is in pretty sad shape!

(And if you think that toothpaste is strange, there are commercials
on TV all the time for new flavors of toothpaste. Will your mouth
really taste clean after brushing with chocolate? I submit that it would not!)

Global Village was pretty big...they had shopping carts for people, and bicycles to take people around. Andrew and I were pretty tired near the end of our time in Global Village and looked for a bench to sit on. Unfortunately we never did find an available seat.

Getting a taxi home was remarkably easy. We were worried about it while we were there since when we arrived we were one of few families there...but when we left the parking lot was packed. Taxis were lined up waiting to take people home and no one was leaving yet. It was great!

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Anonymous said...

In the last pic, the bike looks like an autorickshaw or as the people of India say a rick,auto,or a richshaws.But autos are yellow or green and there like 3 wheelers, 3 people can fit in one or more in u pile.