Sunday, July 23, 2006

You know you've been in Jordan too long when...

Andrew and I finally went shopping today. It's been awhile...all we ate yesterday were some biscuits, so it was high time we went grocery shopping! We even splurged and got a baguette (30 piasters--big splurge!), so for dinner we made spaghetti--Italian style (not from scratch, but Italian none the less).

Andrew dished it out and we both stared at our plates for a few minutes. Sure, we had forks, but really, what were we to do? Andrew then broke out the baguette. Relieved, I quickly tore off a chunk of the baguette, opened it up and in a claw-like manner grabbed a handful of spaghetti. Andrew looked at me funny and said, "You've been here way too long."

Here's our list of ways you know you've been in Jordan too long:

1 - Your eating utensil is pita bread instead of a fork.
2 - You are really happy when you've gone a whole week without running out of water (this is week #2, by the way!)
3 - You tell the time based on the call to prayer. ("What time is it?" "Oh, it's..." "Allaaaaaa-hu akbar!" "...about 9:30.").
4 - You sit calmly in a taxi as it weaves through city traffic going well over 100 km/hr.
5- You'll run across the street with cars coming both ways to catch a taxi at a red light (very out of character for Nancy!).
6 - You watch Oprah and other shows you'd never watch at home like Jake 2.0.
7 - You feel uncomfortable in a t-shirt and change before leaving the house so you aren't immodest.
8 - You recognize all the Arabic songs, who sings them, and what the music video for each one is.
9 - You don't look twice at a herd of goats walking down the street and will pick your way through it if necessary.
10 - You hardly notice the gas truck any more.
11 - Your house has turned into a water bottle graveyard.
12 - It's 100 degrees out and you see babies wrapped up in quilts and think that it's normal.
13 - Instead of dancing to songs you all stand around and clap...just clap (and maybe let out a Xena yelp occasionally!)
14 - You understand that instead of yeilding, drivers just honk at blind corners, the tops of hills, when entering tunnels, and anywhere else you could get into a head-on collision, and you're ok with this.

We'll let you know if we think of any more.

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