Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Train Ride to Cairo

Although the train wasn't really much to look at (it was dirty and had quite a few broken windows), the inside was amazing! We had 2 private cars and our own room with a door that locks, a sink, a closet, a luggage rack, and 2 pre-made beds. It was amazing. And since this was my first night of real sleep, I feel asleep right after dinner. Andrew claimed to not be tired so he was going to stay up and do homework--15 minutes later he also fell asleep.

The beds were comfortable and I slept from 10:50 pm until 6:00 am. I've never been so grateful for a bed! That's about all I remember from the train ride. When we woke up we were still pretty groggy because we hadn't really slept since leaving Jordan...but since they gave us both breakfast and dinner and I got a full night's sleep without worrying that any Russian man was staring at me all night, I would say that this was a leap and a bound better than riding Russian 3rd class.

Here is a video of the Egyptian country-side. It really is quite different from Jordan (probably because things actually grow here) and is a lot less developed. A lot of people are still using animals as their main mode of fact, there are 2 roads: 1 for vehicles and 1 for animals. There is also a greater variety of animals farmed. For example, water buffalos. In this video you will see a truckload of water buffalos right after the big purple bus. We thought it was cool and saw a gas truck right after (which you'll hear us talking about) that we thought had water buffalos in it as didn't...but it got us excited.

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