Friday, July 21, 2006

Riots in Amman again

So, the news reports are starting to come in from the riots all over the Middle East. The picture below, courtesy of al-Arabiyya, was taken at the al-Azhar mosque in Cairo, which we visited a couple weeks ago during our long Islamic Cairo tour.

The riots got violent in Cairo, and probably were semi-violent here in Amman, since more than 2000 people marched here today. We won't find out about the violence of the riots until tomorrow when the newspapers are printed, since Jordan doesn't have very good current local news online (the newspaper sites are just digital forms of the daily paper, so it's not too current). Fun stuff!

Friday prayers today were cool. I actually heard chanting and yelling from one of the mosques nearby. I'm just glad we weren't downtown, where the worst of it happens.

I love it out here! It's so much fun!

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