Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cairo Metro

The Cairo Metro is nice but it definitely doesn't hold a candle to the Moscow Metro. The stations are all pretty boring, unlike Moscow's stations, many of which are built like castles!

The metro, like in any city with enough populace to require a metro, was crowded. Even on a Friday morning it was pretty busy and just got busier as the day went on. What is interesting about the metro station is that the first two cars are reserved for women only, which comes in handy if the trains are too crazily filled with men. There is also a family car. Anyone is allowed on the other cars, but it is nice to have some "less dangerous" places for a woman to be.

In keeping tradition with all the metros I have been in, I took a nice tumble just as we were heading home. A group of us were walking down the stairs at the Mar Girgis station. The marble stairs used to have weather strips on them but those had long since finished serving their purpose. Just as Alison was about to tell me, "These stairs are kind of slippery..." I biffed it. I fell down really hard and then slid down a few more stairs. Don't worry...I had a few bruises and could hardly move an arm for a day but am all better now. Perhaps the stairs weren't as much to blame as my shoes...

They have been some $3 shoes we found at the Suq.

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