Friday, July 21, 2006

Safety Precautions

Church was only 2 hours today. The Branch President wanted to be sure to give us plenty of time to get home before the anticipated riots and demonstrations began. So we had Sacrament Meeting and then skipped Sunday School and went straight to Priesthood and Relief Society. We were done by 11:30 and told to go straight home without stopping to mingle with the other branch members.

So, that's what we did! As soon as the men got out (kind of backwards here...the men are always the last ones finished instead of the RS!) we left. When we got to Zahran street, it was a battle for taxis! We always have problems finding empty taxis on that road so it always takes a long time to catch one, but today even empty ones wouldn't stop for us. It was kind of frustrating.

We finally found a cab and our driver was really nice. I have my suspicions that he supports Lebanon in this crisis since he had a sticker of a cedar of Lebanon on his back window. He was nice enough though and didn't seem to have any hard feelings against us being American.

Lunch time was interesting since we were home for Friday prayers. Usually we miss these because we are still at church...but today we got to hear them. It was pretty cool. On Fridays they do the call to prayer and then they say the actual sermon. It was neat to hear.

So, now we're at home sitting out the riots...tomorrow we head to Wadi Mujib. It should be fun!

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