Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Treasury

After walking through the Siq, we came to the Treasury. The view was amazing. You turn the corner and see through a little crack...The Treasury!

We got there so early in the morning and the sun was glinting off the Treasury. It is absolutely amazing! I cannot imagine how anyone could carve something like this out of a cliff. We had it all to ourselves (for about 2 minutes until we were bombarded by Bedouins!)

They had the inside of the Treasury blocked off, but it was okay because we could still look inside of it. Like most buildings in Petra, the inside has been robbed and/or excavated so it is just an empty square room. Not too exciting, but still amazing that someone carved it thousands of years ago!

We were a little upset that it wasn't as exciting as Indiana Jones...no booby-traps!?!? But it was still really cool. The detail on this building is amazing!

Bedouins stand around and try to sell you camel rides. There are a ton of camels in Petra! Riding a camel is not like riding a horse, however. You have to swing your leg in front of the saddle where the hump is the smallest otherwise you end up doing the splits on the camels back. I speak from experience. Camels are huge! They groan and moan all the time. They are definitely very interesting animals. (Actually they are all over the place. We see them as road kill...running around the desert wild...all over. It's pretty neat!)

Us in the Siq with the Treasury in the Background

We couldn't really decide which pictures to put on so we made a collage. The treasury is really neat! I could stand and look at it all day! It is defiantly the most intricate building in Petra.

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