Sunday, June 04, 2006

My "first" day at work and other issues

On Friday at church Soriah told me that I could come in on Sunday to start my editing projects. So, I left today when Andrew went to school to take the taxi to Shmeisani. I got out at the Arab Bank and walked to the office without any problems (last time I got lost and ran into the Trash Collector). So, I get inside the office and there is a secretary. That's it. No one else is there. Everyone is in a meeting--all day. So, once again I have wasted my time going to the office. Hopefully Soriah calls me soon because I'd really like to do this project.

Anyway, since I didn't really have anything else to do, I decided that I would try to take the bus home. That meant finding Queen Rania street. I knew the general location of the street from the time we got our visas at the police station at Shmeisani, so I traced our steps. I walked from the bank to the military base and from there up to the main street where we caught the taxi. But then I couldn't really remember where the taxi turned to get us to the police I just started wandering up and down all these roads. I wandered around for about an hour but didn't find the street I wanted, so I decided to just take a taxi home. But I couldn't catch a taxi, so I had to walk back to the main road.

I finally caught a cab, get in...turn a corner...and end up on Queen Rania street. So I ended up spending 90 piasters to get home instead of 15. Oh, well. Now I know where Queen Rania street is.

***More on the Citadel Story***

Yesterday after walking around all day we were all pretty worn out, and really dirty. Crystal and Jason both took showers and Andrew and I were going to, but when Andrew went to turn on the water...there wasn't any. This was rather upsetting because, not only were our feet dirty but I had something fall on my head while we were out (I'm not sure what it was: bird droppings or food...) so I really had wanted to wash my hair...but there was no water so I guess we were out of luck. So, instead of showering, we used baby wipes to wash our feet and faces...that was okay, but we really are looking forward to showering.

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