Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

Andrew was very nice to me today, albeit rather sneaky. He got up early and made pancakes before I woke up and then wrapped them up and put them in the freezer. To cover up from his cooking mess he made French toast for breakfast.

He then went to school and I worked and then came home. I was reading on the bed so Andrew thought that I was sleeping so he "snuck" into the house. This is rather difficult to do since the door sticks so it's kind of hard to sneak anywhere. So I was wondering why he didn't come in to say hello to me after coming in. Instead he sneaks off to the kitchen and starts fiddling around. I was kind of sad that he didn't come in to say hi to me so I went into the kitchen and said hi to him. He jumped and kind of screamed, "I thought you were napping! Get out of here!" So I was like, "Fine..." So I went back and read for a bit.

When Andrew finally came in to say hi to me I remembered that I saw ice cream in the kitchen. "What were you doing in there?" I asked. "Nothing," he said. "Well, what did you do with the ice cream?" "I ate it," he said, "I didn't have lunch today." I was like, "You ate ice cream without me?"

Well, then he made up for that by taking me out to dinner. We went to Mecca Mall to eat because there is a food court with a ton of restaurants. Andrew wanted me to choose where to eat because he likes me to freak out when I can't decide. So we walked around the foodcourt like 3 or 4 times before I finally decided on Italian food. We had lasagne and garlic bread. It was very good. Then we went to Cinnabon (apparently it's the second best Cinnabon place in the world) and got a cinnamon bun to share. It was actually rather good. There was so much cinnamon on it that Andrew thought it was chocolate. He asked the cashier if we could get a bun without chocolate and the cashier said in a thick English Accent, "Sir, that's not chocolate. It's cinnamon." And it was. It was really good.

After that we went grocery shopping because we hadn't done that in a while so had pretty much no food in our house. We went to Cozmo, a big leap from Safeway. It's a pretty good store but a little more ghetto than Safeway.

After getting home Andrew gave me a Nancy Ajram CD (1 JD!). I was really excited for that because Nancy is my claim to fame. There are only 2 songs on the CD that we know but the other songs are good, too.

After that we all went into the kitchen for my ice cream cake. The candles were really skinny so they were melting faster than I could blow them out. The cake was actually really good...this is surprising if you read about Andrew's scrambled pancakes experience (or if you know Andrew in the kitchen at all...). It was a pineapple cakemix pancacke with vanilla ice cream between all the layers and icing on the top. I shared my cake with Ezra because it was his birthday not too long ago (while we were in Petra).

All in all it was a really fun day. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and wishes!

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Michelle and Andy said...

Happy Birthday Nancy!!!
BTW, I'm glad Andrew wrote about the pancakes, because in your entry you didn't mention that they were CAKE pancakes and I was VERY confused about why he made pancakes and then froze them and then made french toast for breakfast... :)