Thursday, June 22, 2006

Birthday cake without an oven

So, today was Nancy's birthday - she's 21 now. So, to celebrate, I made her a cake.

The only problem with making a cake in our apartment our lack of oven. We have an oven/stove (see background in picture below), but we have absolutely no idea how to turn it on. It's not really gas, or electric - we've tried lighting it and plugging it in, but nothing works.

So, how to you make a cake without an oven? Pancakes!

We bought some cake mix from Safeway a few weeks ago (.99 JD - on sale!), so I made it normally, and cooked it like pancakes, which actually worked! I made a stack of cake-pancakes and put them in the freezer. After school, I stacked them all and put ice cream in between the layers - a homemade ice cream cake. Cool stuff!


mjl said...

Wow, what a good idea! That way we can have cake without making the house hot from the oven. Andrew, you are amazing!

mjl said...

And Happy Birthday sweet Nanners!