Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Call to Prayer

Five times a day we hear the call to prayer echoing around the city. The best one is at around 3:00 AM (which I happen to wake up to often. Andrew can sleep through it but what can't he sleep through?) the next is around 9:00 AM, then around noon, then at 4:00 PM, and finally at 9:00 PM. The 9:00 PM one is Andrew's favorite because the city tends to be a little quieter then. I personally enjoy the 4:00 PM one because the mosque near our house says prayers everyday after this call. The 3:00 AM one is really neat as well because the city is really quiet (except for the crickets). I don't really enjoy waking up for it though.

This recording is one that I made at 3:00 AM last night when I couldn't sleep: Call to prayer

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