Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Al-Anbat 1

We stayed at Hotel Al-Anbat 1. It was a very nice hotel but a little far removed from Petra for our liking. The hotel has a pool, a terrace, and a restaurant. Our hotel room was beautiful! We had a balcony that had a wonderful view. It had a little fridge and a full bathroom...with hot water. We were really excited about that! We didn't have to play with a water heater or anything...just turn on the tap and presto!

Everything in Wadi-Musa was way expensive. For example, a Shweirma plate in Amman costs around 1.20 JD while a sandwich is .30 JD. In Wadi-Musa a Shweirma plate is 4.00 JD and a sandwich is 1 JD! The taxis were all really expensive as well. The drivers didn't use their meters and tried to rip us off constantly.

The first day I forgot my student ID card so we taxied up to the hotel and back down (about 10 minutes) when we got back down to the main gate, the driver said, "10 JD." Andrew said, "You're kidding!" the driver said, "No, I'm not." Andrew said, "Yes, you must be. We live in Amman...and taxis are not that expensive." The driver retorted, "This isn't Amman." Andrew said, "I'm not paying 10 JD." The driver said, "Fine...just 4." That was still a rip off, but there wasn't any way he was going any lower than that. Everything was pretty expensive, but it wasn't too bad for being a tourist trap. Our hotel cost 44 JD for both nights. The pool was worth it!

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