Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Since we're new to this blog thing, we're still discovering new and cool things we can do with the blog.

Like commenting. We just discovered a way to allow anyone to comment on our posts. If you read our blog and want to say something cool about it to us, go right ahead! We can see the comments you leave. Please leave us comments so we can see what you think about it all!

Also, we added a link to Jeremy and Bridget's Blog. If you all remember, he's the assistant director of the program - we went to the Dead Sea with them a while ago. They've got interesting stories too... Also we added a link to Jason and Crystal's Blog, who live with us.

So, moral of the story - leave comments! We should have fixed it so that you can comment even if you don't have a blogger.com account.

Hope to see your comments!


Anonymous said...

I'll leave a comment just so I can be NUMBER ONE (and so Dad can't beat me to it)! I love your stories--they make me laugh. Keep sending pictures. I especially liked the videos because they help us get a sense of what life is like there. Keep up the good work. Love, Mom Heiss.

Anonymous said...

Here is an actual comment from me! I hope you can download this blog and keep it for the future...what a great way to keep a journal.
Love Momma Myrna
You know, this would be so much easier in Hindi, where there is a different word for the different people on different sides of the family...so, like, assuming that I was the grandma to the children that Andrew and Nancy don't have, then I would be Nani, whereas Karen Heiss would be Dadi, and that would not be confusing, unless the children were calling Andrew "Daddy" in English, which sounds an awful lot like "Dadi" in Hindi, though not exactly the same. Okay, did you like that comment, Andrew?