Friday, May 26, 2006

Pictures from our Indepdence Day trip in downtown Amman

We're talking to the Slades from the other side of the curve (Romans were pretty smart)

The ancient Acropolis, or temple, is off in the distance on top of the hill

Native tribal costumes in the museum

Women's tribal headdresses in the musuem

A camel eating a tree outside the amphitheater (he's a Jordanian Army camel too)

View from halfway up the amphitheater steps

View of East Amman (mostly Palestinian ghettos) from the top of the amphitheater

Me on the steps of the amphitheater

The Slades down at the bottom. They are talking to us and we can here them just fine. They are standing at the acoustic center of the amphitheater, so projecting your voice is easy.

Us and the Slades (they are jetlagged, hence the not too energetic faces)

The fruit market in the main huge Amman market

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