Thursday, May 18, 2006

Scrambled Pancakes

Jeremy (the TA) came over a few nights ago with his wife Bridget and daughter Miriam. They live pretty close and just wanted to be sure that they knew where we lived and how to get to our house. Bridget also brought over some Maggi for me—it’s a brand of soup (kind of like Cup-o-Soup for all you Canadians)—to help me feel better. I had been very sick and not able to eat much. It was really nice of her to bring that over. After she left, Andrew and I had that for our second dinner.

Our first dinner was pancakes. I’m sure you all know how Andrew feels about pancakes. He absolutely loves them and makes all different kinds of pancakes. This sometimes good and sometimes not-so-good: sometimes what he experiments with turns out very well and other times…he experiments like Patrick (rootbeer and honeycomb, anyone?). This evening was a not-so-good evening. Andrew made maple-guava pancakes. The batter was surprisingly okay, but…it didn’t work out. The frying pan we have here is very old. It’s supposed to be a Teflon pan but the bottom is completely silver and all scratched up (if that gives you any idea of the condition of the pan). So, Andrew tried making a pancake—it didn’t work. He had to scrape it off with a teaspoon…and it kind of turned into scrambled pancakes. So, he dumps the rest of the batter in the pan and makes a whole batch of scrambled pancakes. Because we were lacking some key ingredients, or because there was so much batter in the pan, they didn’t cook all the way through, but they did turn into scrambled pancakes. And they were gross. At least we had some maple syrup to go with them, but we were really quite glad that Bridget brought us some instant soup. Second dinner was much better than first dinner!

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