Sunday, May 07, 2006


Right now we are staying with President and Sister Dew who are missionaries here in Al Husn. We thought that we would be able to stay here permenantly but it looks as though that is against mission rules. However, we are planning on staying in Al Husn.

Let's talk about pricing. Here, we are staying in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house. It has a large entry way, a large living room, and a large kitchen. It is fully furnished. It is clean and bright and beautiful. It costs 120 JD per month, which is about 160 USD. That's really pretty good. In Amman, an apartment this size costs well over 600 JD per month. There is a couple in Amman who are renting a 1 bedroom, 1 bath, really junky apartment with a combined shower/toilet bathroom for 200 JD a month. That is the cheapest apartment in Amman and it is really cheap.

We are looking at staying in Al Husn, perhaps renting the apartment above this one for the same price (120 JD/month). We would share it with another couple, the Jakemans. They are currently in the living room here at the missionaries' apartment. The Jakemans are really nice. Dave is here doing a law internship (they are not with our group - they came on their own but are from BYU). His wife, Becky, is blind and they have two little children. I would like to live near them because Becky and I will be home alone all day while our husbands are gone to school/work and since no one speaks English out here in the country side, we kind of want to stick together while we try to get brave enough to explore. Plus, with Becky's blindness, she doesn't want to go outside with her two kids by herself. She is a really neat person and I don't think that Andrew and I would mind living with them at all--even though their kids sream a lot! The apartments here are all very nice because they are made of thick cement walls. If you go into your room and close the door you can't hear anything that is happening on the other side of the house.

Anyway...I am pretty sick of being a vagabond and I know that Andrew is as well so we are hoping to find a place soon. We got all the single girls placed. There are 5 other girls in Al Husn and they can't take public transportation without a male, so Andrew helps them all get to school in the mornings. Then there are 3 boys staying in Irbid (the city just 15 minutes away from Al Husn).

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