Thursday, May 18, 2006

City Center

Andrew and I tried to go to the city center on Saturday 13th but our cab driver insisted that we’d have a better time shopping at the Jabal Hussayn shopping district. Since he took us there instead of the city center we paid him and got out. He obviously didn’t understand that we were shopping for garbage cans and kitchen towels because Jabal Hussayn is an upscale shopping district. There were some street vendors and they were a little more affordable and we did find some smaller shops that sold hijabs for like 5 JD. But we decided to just go home and try for garbage cans the next day.

So, on Sunday the 14th, we go into the city center again. It’s just a bunch of shops. Tons of shops down every alley and street and sidewalk. There are vendors all over the place! It’s pretty cool. We bought sandals and the garbage cans and towels we were looking for.

We also found a movie that everyone’s been watching. It is called “Paradise now.” It is about the Palestine/Israel dilemma and illustrates it very nicely. It brings some interesting insights to what we see in the news. What we see on the news in America is so narrow-minded! It was kind of scary to watch the movie here since it takes place in the West Bank and is about suicide bombers…and I’ve stood right in front of the West Bank (from the other side of the river), and I’m only a few hours away from where all this is happening. But it was still a pretty cool movie.

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