Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Broken Buses

Andrew was supposed to have come home yesterday at around 7:00. Usually he will come home around 6:00 but he went to get me a cell phone as well as help some of the other girls get some cell phones so he left Amman a little later than usual. However, instead of arriving home at 7:00, he got home around 9:30. I was getting rather worried since I had been home alone from 2:00 on. I was lonely and without a phone (except the land line which is terribly expensive to use). Needless to say, I wasn't very happy...well, come to find out:

Andrew, Rachel, and Kate had gotten on a bus at around 6:30. They drove 5 minutes and the bus broke down so everyone had to get out and wait for another bus to come and pick them up. (The bus "schedule" is that the buses leave every half hour but all the buses are privately owned so it doesn't really work that way. They just come whenever they want.) So, after waiting for a long time, a bus picked them up. Andrew phoned me when the bus broke down to tell me this so I was expecting them to be at least an hour later...but then, on their way to Irbid, the bus broke down again. They suspect it was overheating because a bunch of men got out and they poured a ton of water into the engine somewhere, but they were just sitting on the side of the road waiting for a long time. I finally phoned Andrew to ask him where he was...to find out that they were stranded on the road once more. I wasn't very happy about having to be alone more, but I survived.

When they got home, Rachel and Kate came in to check their email. It was fun to have some people to talk to. And then the Jakemans came home from the Tashman's house and brought with them the other girls staying in Al Husn so that they could check their email as well (Jenna, Janna, and Becca). We had quite a party here and stayed up until about midnight.

We also checked out our new apartment. We can pick up the wireless internet signal from the Dew's if we are in the room just above them, so that is good. The apartment is pretty nice but is sparsely furnished in the kitchen and bedroom departments. The living areas are great: there are a ton of couches! I'm glad that there isn't a lot of stuff in the kitchen because then the Jakeman's kids can't make so much of a mess. They are the world's messiest children! Honestly...I've been around enough children to know that these children are absolutely messy! But that's okay. As long as I don't have to clean up after them. I don't mind cleaning up after children when I've been watching them and they've made a mess...but when I just stumble upon a mess (as in you can't walk into the kitchen there is that much food on the floor) I get a little annoyed that their parents didn't clean up any of it).

Anyway, my challenge today is to go outside by myself. We'll see if I can be brave enough to do that.

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