Monday, May 29, 2006

The Gas Truck Theme Songs

These are some of the songs from the gas trucks. These gas trucks can be quite annoying, although they get Ezra all excited everytime he hears the music! The music is rather obnoxious and they only play a few bars of it so it gets stuck in your head and then everyone is whistling we thought that we would share it with you so that you can have it stuck in your head, too!

You could all go into the gas business here. It is pretty easy. It works like this:
1) Buy a gas truck. It has to be blue and fit about 60 tanks of gas in the back. You can buy them from your local taxi/gas truck/mini-bus car lot.
2) Decorate the truck in brightly coloured geometric shapes.
3) Get a gas company to sell you gas and have them assign you a neighbourhood.
4) Drive around the neighbourhood all day starting at 7:00 AM long playing your little 2-bar song. All day means 12 hours. With the same song. This might seem rather monotonous, but if you get a few of your buddies to do it with you then you can all drive around the neighbourhood playing the same song...but not at the same time. You could also all drive around at the same time but play different songs.
5) When someone comes outside, slow down. Be cautious. If they whistle at you or motion for you to stop, stop the truck and turn off the music.
6) Sell the tanks of gas to whoever stopped you. They cost 4.25 JD...but you will need two: one for the stove and one for the water-heater. (In the winter you will need a few more tanks for your space heaters).
7) Go into their house and set them up for your patron.
8) Return to your vehicle and turn the music back on.
9) Continue your drive around the neighbourhood.
10) You can occassionally stop for a cup of hot licorice beverage or tea with your gas and taxi driver friends. You can leave your music on or turn it off. Whatever you would like. At around 7:00 PM you can quit your route and go home.

Theme song 1

Theme song 2


Fundamentalmente said...

I've been in Amman a few days ago and I liked the gas truck song. Do you know the title for the original "theme song 2"? Thank you (

Andrew said...

Sorry for the long delay in answering; we moved to Egypt a couple months ago and still haven't gotten internet set up (ugh), so we're a little behind. You can see what we're up to at our real blog at

We actually never figured out what the second song was. The first song, which sounds like it's from Zelda, is from a French/Brazilian song/music video from the 80s or 90s. Apparently it got a huge following in China and was used in millions of toys and electronic gadgets. It's even featured in one episode of the American version of The Office with some cheap-o toy.

The song is called Lambada by Kaoma. You can find it easily enough on YouTube.

Let us know if you ever figure out what the second one is!

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the first song?

Fundamentalmente said...

Hello again (more than 5 years after...)

No, I didn't figure that the song was the Lambada!

Thank you.

Happy travellings!

Unknown said...

Hi! i used to live in Jubeiha, Amman in Jordan and visit every summer. the song youre looking for is actually called "Rendez-Vous" and it is done by Amr Ismail. its a very soothing song in my opinion and i used to look forward to hearing it every morning. it gives society there somewhat of a sense of reassurance during tough times. its almost a part of jordans clockwork in a way <3.