Thursday, August 03, 2006

Water Woes Continue

Again we have run out of water. This is interesting because it is only Thursday and we don't get water until Monday. We are convinced that our tank doesn't fill up all the way sometimes. After all, we've each only had 1 shower and done 2 loads of laundry this week along with a few bucket baths. Technically that doesn't amount to the quantity of water we should have had. So this morning Andrew heated up the water (because I hate fiddling with the water heater) and just after I had shampooed my hair...

Yup! The water stopped flowing! It's a good thing we had a bucket that we let fill up in the shower before we start showering (for toilet flushing purposes, mainly) that was used for the rinse off. Bummer...I'm still not convinced that everything is out of my hair but at least I can stand the smell of myself now.

Sometimes we go so long without showering that we can't stand the smell of each other. I'm quite positive that you did not want to know that, but seriously, we run out of water so often we conserve it like crazy! Oh, well...hopefully it just needs to be pumped. Whenever our bowab wakes up, he'll try that. Until then, no toilet flushes, no hand washes, no showers, no water for cooking, no dish washing, no mopping the floor. We are totally dependent on water! At least we have to buy purified water so we always have some of that on hand!

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