Sunday, August 13, 2006

Party time!

We are really in the last stretch here! Last Thursday was the last day of classes so we had a party! Andrew was both happy that the semester is closing but sad that we will be leaving soon. He took the camera to school to catch some pictures of class in action.

Crystal and I came to campus to meet everyone there. When we arrived a good Arabic feast was laid out already, complete with various types of humus and foul, pita bread, falafel, some pastries stuffed with meat and potatoes, vegetables, sesame cookies, and kanafa (which Crystal and I both think is really gross). It was really good. Jordan doesn't have any very good baklava, at least not in my opinion. Andrew and I found some good baklava once...mostly though they sell huge pieces of dessert that look like baklava but inside have the same cheese that they put in the kanafa. Even though the desserts were kind of disappointing, it was fun to socialize with everyone once again.

Some of the Action

After we were all stuffed and getting ready to go, the students paused on the steps of the Language Center for a final picture. It was hard to get everyone to stand still and we had so many people taking pictures so the students didn't know where to look, but this one (of the three I took) ended up okay. Andrew is on the back row, the second on the left.

After we left, Andrew and I wandered through campus to take a few pictures of some landmarks. The campus is really quite beautiful. There are so many trees (in comparison to the rest of the city!) and so it tends to be a lot cooler. The students hang out all over campus all day. They sprawl all over the sidewalks, under the trees, on the benches...

Our final picture of the main gate. No longer will we be harassed for our ID cards or teased by the guards because we can't speak Arabic (well, Andrew can but I struggle...). No longer will we take the bus to the University and get over-charged. No longer will we fight our way through traffic to get to the pedestrian tunnel to get to the Falafel Dude's place. No more sitting outside the Language Center waiting for class to get out. Sad, but joyful at the same time.

(It reads, "The Jordanian University" : Al Jamia Al-Orduniya)

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