Sunday, August 06, 2006

Up on the housetop

We seem to be out of water...again. This time we might actually be out instead of just needing to pump our water. Andrew and I went up onto the roof to check things out. Our roof is pretty scary. There are pipes and cables and satellites and tanks and solar panels everywhere. It's all pretty trashy. We're not completely positive which water tank is ours since there are three different kinds of tanks, but we think that they are these big metal boxes. Please note how rusted the tank on the left is. It is no wonder we are not supposed to drink the water.

There are also some more interesting double-decker tanks that we don't think would hold enough to get anyone through the week. This is a picture of a newer tank...some of them were really gross looking!

After tip-toeing around our roof for a while (there really isn't a good place to put your feet down firmly), Andrew went to get a shot of the city. In this shot we can see our neighbour's roof and understand how they can have parties up there. Do you see how nice and organized their water tanks are in that nice little line? Ours are not like that. Ours are sporadically placed here and there. Some plastic ones, some metal ones...some broken ones. I'm kind of jealous of their roof--and their nice-looking water tanks.

In case anyone is wondering why the tanks are on the roof, it is due to water pressure. Our dear friend gravity is the only thing that helps our water get through the pipes and into our apartment.

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