Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The next leg of our journey

We're busy finishing packing, cleaning the apartment (I just found a huge cockroach under the table! Gross!) and thinking about leaving Jordan. A sad thought, but there is a golden lining: we'll be traveling through the United Arab Emirates and Turkey on our way home.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 16th we will leaved Jordan and fly to Dubai in the UAE. We're not really sure what we'll be doing in Dubai since everything is super expensive. I know that we're planning on visiting some near-by Emirates, hanging out at the beach and the pool at our hotel, and basically relaxing. We also plan on finding the chapel and going to church on Friday. That should be an experience!

We fly out of Dubai on the 20th. Turkey should be more of an interesting experience. Andrew has been there before so he has some good ideas of what we can do while we're there. We should also have internet connection in our hotel, so that's exciting! Maybe we can post something while in Turkey!

We head back to Jordan on the 25th at 1 am. We'll probably be spending that morning sleeping in some forgotten corner of the airport and then will head into Amman to pick up our suitcases from the Steeds, who will be watching all our luggage while we're traveling. We will probably take a nap at their house because sleeping in airports isn't very efficient. Then we leave very early in the morning on the 27th, which means that we'll be spending the night of the 26th in another airport. It should be fun.

While we are a little nervous to fly in light of recent events, it looks like it is one of the safest times to fly. Security will be at its highest so we have little to worry about. The ban on carry-ons has been lifted for now so we should be fine to bring all of our suitcases home...without any liquids, of course. We look forward to seeing you all and sharing our experiences with you!

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