Saturday, June 03, 2006

Citadel pictures

Andrew by a wall at the Citadel

Nancy in Ummayyad Arch

Andrew and some columns inside Ummayyad Palace

Andrew up on the Citadel Wall with city in background (and the world's tallest free-standing flagpole)

Nancy with the Amphitheater in the background

When you have to go...

Nancy with some ruins of the Hercule's Temple

Andrew tried sitting on that column. It's not stable!

Stairs we walked down from the Citadel (kind of through a Palestinian refugee ghetto)

Part of East Amman (from the Citadel)

More of the stairs we walked down.

Ummayyad Palace (built on old Byzantine chapel)

Temple of Hercules

Tree growing out of a well


Karen said...

Beautiful pictures, guys!

MAD LIB said...

I just finished reading everything and getting caught up with your adventures. Fun reading, great pictures. I am going to see if Craig is reading this...he would like the tie-in to Rome.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures,and i love u too (almost,no wait I do love u,heeheehee)